YOUNG & RENSHAW "The Young Brothers"

When, though The Toggery Five split, most of the group members continued playing in new groups or solo, in the years to come.
1967 saw Paul Young and Frank Renshaw together again under the name "The Young Brothers". The duo recorded a single for MCA, "I've Always Wanted Love" b/w "Mirror, Mirror", produced by Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway. This marked the beginning of a long-lasting business relationship between Young, Renshaw, Cook and Greenaway. They formed a publishing company together called "Grenyoco Music", and Young and Renshaw concentrated on songwriting, as well as doing sessions for a number of artists in the Cook & Greenaway stable.
In 1970 Paul Young and Frank Renshaw formed a new group as a vehicle to present and develop their own songs. This was called Young & Renshaw and comprised Paul Young on vocals and percussion, Frank Renshaw on vocals/guitar/harmonica, Graham Harrop from "Sponge" and "Pacific Drift" on bass, Ronnie Walker from "Sweet Marriage" on lead guitar, and Phil Keen, a former member of "Johnny Peters And The Crestas" and Wayne Fontana, on drums. They spent about a year in Germany writing, rehearsing and gigging  -  then returned to London and recorded an excellent country rock album with Cook & Greenaway as producers. Titled "This Is Young & Renshaw", it contained twelve Young-Renshaw originals and was released in late 1971. A few singles also saw the light of day, but sadly none of the records charted, and the group split up in 1973.

Young & Renshaw's Album was released on the Bell Label. The songs were good, reflecting Frank and Pauls years on the road. But the recording, done at Air Studios, was destined for obscurity. Now a collectors item.
So when the offer came to join Wayne Fontana again on a British Invasion Tour of America, Frank jumped at it. Paul was also offered but declined, opting to stay with Roger Greenaway.
Frank, with Wayne, toured the states with Herman's Hermits and the other Sixties rockers. Later, after Peter Noone left to go solo, Frank took the job with Herman's Hermits. He left in 1981 and now has his own 60's Music bar in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. (see links).
Paul eventually left Cooke and Greenaway and formed the band "Sad Cafe", and later joining "Mike and the Mechanics". 
As they say, the rest is history. Paul sadly died after a heart attack in the year 2000. (see links). 

45: "I've Always Wanted Love" (Greenaway-Cook)/"Mirror, Mirror" (Renshaw-Young)    MCA  MU1042 1968
45:"Way Up There" (Young-Renshaw)/"Can't Get Enough Of Your Love" (Young-Renshaw)  Bell  BLL 1152 1971

45:"High Flyin' Bird" (Young-Renshaw)/"Driftwood" (Young-Renshaw) Bell  BLL 1176       9/1971

45:"Gonna See Delaney Again" (Tony Macauley-Roger Cookaway)/"Carry On" (Young-Renshaw)       Bell  BLL 1257     1972
LP: Young & Renshaw: "This Is Young & Renshaw" Bell BELLS 201     1/1972
High Flyin' Bird/Driftwood/We All Love The Sun/Road To Adana/Mary Come Now/Growin' Up Blues/Way Up There/ Wish I Was Back Home/Sabri/Can't Get Enough Of Your Love/Gettin' Up In The Morning/The Beginning Of The End.
(All written by Young-Renshaw).
45:"Silver Pearl" (Young-Renshaw)/one-sided demo only? Bell  45,257       1973
LP: Various artists: "Bell Sounds - Sound Sampler"  Japanese Bell BLPF-1  1972
Contains 10 tracks including "Gonna See Delaney Again" by Young & Renshaw.